Chihuahuan Desert Survival
With only a knife, survival is possible here!

If things go completely to hell, the Chihuahuan Desert around Sanderson is one of the few places where it is possible to stay alive with little more than a knife for a tool.


  • Almost no large dangerous animals
  • Lots of cactus - you can eat most of it.
  • Sotol - drink, eat, wear and get drunk on it
  • Weather - With just a little preparation, you'll never cook nor freeze
  • Natural supplies to get going again
  • Remote - Very few people to threaten you
  • Authorities will have bigger "fish to fry".
  • Medicinal herbs in abundance
  • Lots of edible critters including bugs
There are a number of people making a good life living in the rugged Chihuahuan Desert south of Sanderson. If you have on site water, life there can be very good. More peaceful and serene than can be imagined.

When my 5 year-old son first saw this country he looked around, tugged on my pants leg and said, "Dad, this is real John Wayne country isn't it? The answer was "Yes" and still is.

Sotol, one of the Chihuahuan Desert's wonders. Down at the source of those sawtooth leaves is a "head" that's juicy, sweet, tender and nutritious. It is kind of like a cabbage only much better. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Also it is one of the best deer baits there is. The leaves can be used for constuction of shelters, mats, and other woven or laced articles.

There is enough water in Sotol to stay alive. And you can brew a fiery moonshine liquor with it. They are still doing it in Mexico.

Government Interference

There is not a lot of that here. Too remote from the fly traps they live and work in. 65 miles to the nearest traffic light, probably not more than 50 miles of county roads and with only a little over 1,000 people in the entire county, there is not a lot of glory here for most pesky bureaucrats.

The Sheriff's Department consists of a sheriff and 2 deputies. The crime rate is very low....only a few petty things now and then. Except for our enthusiastic game warden, they are all pretty laid back.

Sanderson Today

Water wells can be drilled most anywhere. Water is very good but it can be deep, up to 900 ft.+ down near the Rio Grande River.

The electric power supply is reliable except that summer thunderstorms knock it out occasionally for short periods.

Telecommunication is great. We have DSL and Wireless Internet.

The health clinic has a doctor three and sometimes four days per week. The run to the hospital is not much more than an ambulance through traffic in the city and far less dangerous.

Cost of living is much less than elsewhere, especially considering low taxes and housing costs.

Living in Sanderson is wonderful after having lived in a frantic city. Come join us in our little paradise.

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